Edie Sedgwick in a 21st century by Marc Jacobs

In Fashion on November 5, 2012 at 4:32 pm

Marc Jacobsの新しい春夏コレクションは、60年代を代表するアイコンEdie Sedgwickがミューズになっている。

Edie Sedgwick- The representative icon of the 60’s has been chosen as the muse of Marc Jacobs s/s collection. Compare to his previous season’s collection which he impressed us with the decorative images, it is obvious that this time he completely went against of it.

Messy short hair, dark eyebrows, smudgy eye make-up, T-shirt and shorts.
Especially the way she dress as if she is revealing her hip is known as her peculiarity style.
In 1965, she met with Andy Warhol who leaded her to become a representative icon of the 60’s, by starring her in his experimental movies and works at Factory. However she died at age 28 because of drug intoxication.
She was the muse of Warhol and so many people were charmed by her fascinating characteristic.
Also she is one of the eternal fashion icon.
While the hippie culture had been assimilated during the 60’s, it seems it did not influenced her much.

1966年3月 Vogueより

“no more boho chic … I feel less hippie. I just don’t want to wear anything floaty or coin-belty ever again.”
This might be the best synonymous to describe her- Urban party girl. She is such a good reference for the type of a girl who loves being in the stimulative urban city.
Ease, crazy, vigorous and slyly.
Marc Jacobsはルイ・ヴィトンのデザイナーでもあるが、
どちらのコレクションもスクエア、ストライプ、チェックボードのような柄(Checkerboard prints)にはじまるミニマリズムを感じられる。
As the designer of Louise Vuitton as well, Marc Jacobs contained the element of the minimalism such as squares, strips and checkerboard prints in both brands.
Marc Jacobsでは鋭利で攻撃的なブラック&ホワイト
For Marc Jacobs, sharp and offensive black and white.
Louis Vuittonでは明るく元気な印象のイエロー
For Louis Vuitton, cheerful and vigorous yellow.
どちらもクロップドジャケットで少し腰回りを出し、ヒップにすとんと落ちるようなウエスト部分(Hip-slung) が特徴的だ。


Cropped jacket which reveals a little bit of the waist, and the hip-slung pants which plunks on the hip are the common featuring styles.
And the exquisite exposure of the skin dose not contain any vulgar sexuality.
(Will the countdown for the end of the high-waisted boom begins soon?!)
Let’s see how these styles sublimate the minimalism which already has been played on the street with expectation!

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