Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

In Fashion on November 10, 2012 at 12:01 am

「Maison Martan Margiela with H&M」

5 days till the collaboration line,
Maison Martan Margiela with H&M hits the store.


これまで、JIMMY CHOOやMARNIなど多くの有名ブランドとコラボラインを発表してきたH&Mだが、今回は過去一番洗練されたコラボレーションといっても過言ではない。

H&M had collaborated with some famous brands such as Jimmy Choo and Marni. But this time, it is no exaggeration to say that this collaboration is the most refined one EVER.

Maison Martan Margiela(以下MMM)は、ベルギー出身デザイナーMaison Margielaが手がけたブランド。彼はファッションの歴史に大きな影響を与えたデザイナー6人のうちの1人とも言われている。アントウェルペン王立芸術学院を卒業後、Jean Paul Gaultierの下で数年働き、1988年に自身のブランドMMMを立ち上げた。同年Hermesのレディースプレタポルテのディレクターに就任、2004年までデザインを手掛けた。

Maison Martan Margiela is a Belgium brand which was founded by Maison Margiela. He is apparently one of the designer who greatly influenced the fashion history. After graduating Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts, he worked as an assistant for Jean Paul Gaultier for few years. In 1988 he founded his own brand MMM, and installed as the director of Hermes ladies pret-a-porter line on the same year. He designed the line untill 2004.


He is a designer veiled in mystery and there are very few who knows about him. He dosen’t show up in front of people, never been photographed and never replied to an interview. Indeed he is the designer who “makes the clothes speak”.


The theme color of the brand is white. Therefore, the clothes which the brand stuff wears and all the stores are made based on white. They often use an amateur models for their shows, sometimes they cover the model’s faces with a mask which propels more mysterious atomosfaer.

Left: 2012 Fall Couture Collection
Right: 2012 s/s RTW


One more thing, MMM is well-know for their unique clothing label. They do not put their brand name , they have numbers lined up from 0 to 23 like a calendar on a white rectangle label instead. The number circled corresponds to one of various lines in the MMM range.


そういえば、MMM with H&MのCMもうチェックした?

Oh, by the way have you checked out the commercial for the collaboration line?


Anti-Mode, re-construct and re-create.
They express a style that overturns the common sense with white and black. It seems most of the styles are very simple but when you try them on, you will notice that they are just the opposite, very edge and individualistic.

Spring 2012 RTW

Fall 2012 RTW

MMM For H&Mのテーマは「re-edition」、復刻。テーマの通り、過去のMMMのコレクションからピックアップしたアイテムたちで構成されている。一見シンプルにみえるけど、着こなすのはそうとうのセンスが必要かも!あえて手持ちのシンプルなアイテムに合わせてマルジェラらしさを強調しよう!

The theme of MMM for H&M is “re-edition”. This line is organized with the items from the past collections of MMM. Looks simple but you defiantly need a real sense to wear these. (The clothes might wear you!) Go check your wardrobe and see if you have something simple that perfectly goes with MMM and show off your individual style!20121109-233957.jpg





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