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Long time no post..Gosh I haven’t posted for a while!During these 2 month, there was a day I got deeply impressed by the words I was given, one day I was just thinking of nothing and one day I was horsing around.But no, there’s no more time I can waste!


さて、先日東京青山で行われた日本初のMarc Jacobs回顧展に訪れた。彼のこれまでの代表的な作品を直接臨める非常に貴重な機会だった。
まず、入り口から彼の広告写真を手がけるユルゲン・テラーの作品から、Marc Jacobsの3分程のインタビュー(こちらも素晴らしかった!)、そしてこの回顧展の目玉であるショーピースの数々。最後にはヴィクトリアベッカムを起用した広告で使われたとても大きなMarc Jacobsの紙袋で自由に記念撮影。驚く事にこちらは全て無料!


Ahem-The other day, I went to the exhibition of a retrospective of Marc Jacobs which was held in AOYAMA, Tokyo- the first time to be held in Japan.It was a valuable opportunity to see his representative works directly with my own eyes.

The work of Juergen Teller who is a photographer of advertisement welcomed me when I entered. Next was the interview clip of Marc Jacobs for about 3 minutes which was really impressive, and after that there were some show pieces which were the loss leaders of the exhibition. At the end, there was a photo boos you can take a picture getting inside of the Marc Jacobs paper bag which was used for the advertisement Victoria Beckham appeared.

Surprisingly this exhibition was free!And more surprisingly, the museum was open from 11am to 11pm.Most of the other stores closes at 8pm so it’s really rare.I was impressed by this opening time, and felt a strong message.I think its a really meaningful thing opening till midnight and moreover, for free.I remember i felt exactly the same way when I found out the MOMA in NY opens for free after 4pm every Friday.


Of course, artistic things has to be affluent in economics to flourish (maybe it doesn’t have to? But), the most important thing is to open this kind of space for lot of people.I mean, I think we can’t cultivate good sense by being taught, we have to see it with our own eyes.The collection was AWESOME by the way. Nowadays we can watch most of the collections on Internet on time but it was totally different from watching it on the screen. There are much more things you can see and find when it’s right in front of you.



The dot pattern jacquard knit short sleeve and the color blocked dress with the trompe-l’oeil collar of 2011autum/winter were really impressive to me.Trompe-l’oeil is a French word meaning “trick ones eye” and it is called trick art because of it.(Imagine Antoni&Alison’s dresses!)I was surprised when I found there are dot pattern also on socks and beret.You wouldn’t notice if you don’t see it really close and carefully.It was really worth finding these details. This is what we really call “Ready-to-wear”. The technique i can start using from today!



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